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      She ran from the room, and returned presently with a small wooden box, and took from it a little heart made of Australian gold.The horses went fast, London was soon left behind, and the green lanes of Surrey reached. With every mile he felt as if[178] he were leaving his pastAdabehind him, and with every mile a sense of relief was increasing. Now and again he glanced at Esmeralda. She was quite motionless and breathing regularly, and he thought of the Sleeping Beauty. A childish fancy for so grave and world-worn a man, but a sweet one. He had been the prince to call that sleeping innocent soul of hers into life and love. The thought sent the blood coursing through his veins, and filled him with a new-born sense of joy. He thought of her, not her money; of the girl, not the millionairess, whom he had married to save the great house of which he would some day be the head. He had vowed to love and cherish her; whywhy should he not love her? The magazine, stored with delightful stories and clever illustrations, remained unread.

      Esmeralda thought her question over before replying.

      He took her left hand from the reins and carried it to his lips. He felt it tremble as he touched it.

      Would you like to go upstairs now? said Lilias. Your maids have gone to your rooms.Do not be too confident, he said. Miss Chetwynde is I do not think you understand her, Selvaine.




      There is no lovelier county than Surrey, and Deepdale lies in one of the prettiest parts of it. Trafford thought how[195] happy they would have been under other circumstances, if only Esmeralda had not made her fatal discovery. He remembered their drive to Shirley, and how he had put his arm round her and proposed to her. Why, he must have been in love with her then. What a double-dyed idiot and fool he must have been not to have known it! They were almost silent during the drive. They stopped at the nearest town.


      "Just a piece or two," insisted Anna. "Barely enough to borrow the amount." She backed away, Flora clinging to her fingers and faltering: "No, blessed angel, you must not! No, I will not wait. I'll--I'll--"